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Black Market Reloaded has closed its doors.

Update: If you are looking for a Darknet Market then I would head over to Dream Market. They are the biggest, have been around for a long time and they are constantly upgrading the system to make it more secure

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The Steps You Need To Take To Find Black Market Reloaded.

Black Market Reloaded Logo

For those of you that don’t know, Black Market Reloaded is an online market. Since the Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace got shut down in late September 2013 Black Market Reloaded looks set to take its place at the top of the table as the new Silk Road and the largest online market where illegal goods are sold.

I am sharing this step by step guide on how to get to Black Market Reloaded for educational purposes only. I do not recommend that anyone purchase anything illegal from the site but everyone is free to look and check it out for themselves as they are now the biggest online illicit drug website. Many of the items sold on Black Market Reloaded are illegal and can cause bodily harm and even death so please be careful if you choose to go down that path. Anyone can figure out how to get to the underground site on their own in about 5 minutes just by doing a quick search on Google but not many people tell others how to take some extra precautions along the way. A few simple steps can help you remain anonymous which I would like to share with you.

If anyone has any more suggestions on safety then please leave a comment bellow so I may review and add it to the guide. Please share this guide by using the social sharing buttons above and below the article so others may find this guide and follow me on titter via the link on the right of the screen and you can keep up to date with all the news relating to the Black Market Reloaded.

How To Get To Black Market Reloaded And Be Anonymous.

  1. Get yourself a VPN Subscription. You can find a good one here at Top VPN Software to suit your needs. Every time you use your computer you can be traced and found via your IP address. By using a VPN you will make your IP anonymous and your location untraceable and not to mention the VPN will encrypt everything you do over the internet. This encryption will hide what you do and as an added bonus it will stop information theft and hacking while using free Wi-Fi, you can also use it to bypass the porn block that is about to start in the UK. Any time you use free Wi-Fi or  wish to search for things related to anything illegal  whether it be drugs, movie downloads or music then make sure you turn your VPN on and hide your identity and activity. The Law is monitoring everything we do now as we have seen with the news about the NSA and the alleged mastermind of Silk Road being busted so I cannot stress enough how important it is to run a VPN, even when on forums and blogs finding info on as they are watching everything.
  2. Get a USB Flash drive to store your files that you use for the Black Market Reloaded. You will need to store your Bitcoin wallet and also the TOR browser files. By storing the files on the flash drive and not your computer hard drive you can easily hide it so that you have no incriminating files or traces of money on your computer in case it is stolen, hacked or seized. If you don’t have a flash drive then you can just click here and get one delivered.
  3. Download the free Tor browser onto your flash drive and extract the files. You can only access Black Market Reloaded from the TOR browser but before you download it I would turn on my VPN service so the authorities don’t know you are downloading it. They will be probably be keeping records of who downloads the browser to keep track of you and hopefully catch you when you slip up. Get the TOR Browser here
  4. Download a password manager program such as RoboForm so you can keep track of all of your new usernames and passwords easily. When creating any account to do with Black Market Reloaded you want to make them completely unique and nothing like your current usernames and password. By doing this it will increase you anonymity and make it harder to trace back to you. By using a password manager you can just remember the main password to access the program and store endless account details and never have to remember them again. DO NOT get an online password manager system as they are vulnerable to hackers or anyone else with the power to gain access to anything. It would be better to also store this program on your flash drive.
  5. For the extra cautious, close down all programs running and place some non see through tape over your webcam if you have one (to stop the government or hackers seeing who you are, yes they can do that).
  6. Start up your VPN Service to hide your location and become anonymous. Some people think that this is not important because the TOR network in encrypted anyway but one of the highest priorities that NSA,FBI and most other law enforcement agencies now have is to crack the TOR network to track everything and gather incriminating evidence. When this happens, if it has not already, they are not going to announce that they have succeeded but rather collect all of the information silently and go and bust everyone while they are thinking they are safe. You can test your VPN is working by first going to before your VPN is turned on and you will notice that it shows your IP address and location. With this IP address you can be easily traced as it is like your street address. Then turn on you VPN and then refresh the page, you should now notice the IP and location has changed.
  7. Open your file explorer, navigate to your flash drive, open your Tor folder, then click on “Start Tor Browser” to launch the web browser. It may be a little slow, the Tor browser is normally like this.
  8. Enter the Black Market Reloaded URL which is r6rcmz6lga4i5vb4.onion into the Tor browser. This address will only work in this browser, if you try and enter it into Google chrome or Safari etc. then it will not work. If you Google “Black Market Reloaded” then you may notice a search result that is “Black Market Reloaded v.3 – Login”. This is not the real site but it says it can be a gateway to the site, DO NOT use this to get there as it is unencrypted and you are not anonymous at all. The Blackmarket Reloaded URL has been changing quite often lately if it doesn’t work then just check back here every couple of days to check if you can not find it elsewhere.Black Market Reloaded Login SERP
  9. At the time of writing this in October 2013, BMR has been swamped with new registrations because of the demise of Silk Road Marketplace. For this reason they can only let new people subscribe/register an hour or two each day because of the sheer number of people registering. All you have to do is just keep trying every few hours and eventually you will be able to register. It looks like BMR is going to be just as big as Silk Road now. BMR are increasing the size of their servers to handle the increased load so you should be able to join all day very soon.
    Black Market Reloaded Login Screen
  10. Once you get the option to register make sure you use a username and password that has nothing to do with you and one that you have never used before. The more random you make it the better.
  11. Once you have registered you have succeeded and are now in Black Market Reloaded, you can browser around and see for yourself what people are selling.
  12. If you wish to purchase anything then keep reading for more instructions.

This is what the website looks on the inside.


Black Market Reloaded Home Screen

If you or someone you know are feeling like you are taking too many drugs or drinking too much alcohol and you need help the please call 888-661-9160 and they might be able to get you help with some drug re-hab so you can get a life back.



Step By Step Guide To Buying Bitcoins

Bitcoin Logo

  1. In order to buy Bitcoins you will need a Bitcoin wallet to store your currency in. DO NOT use an online storage facility or Web Wallets. Even though they appear more convenient as you can use them on your smart phone they are extremely more vulnerable to being hacked and you lose your anonymity as the authorities can track everything. You can download a Bitcoin wallet called MultiBit from here and install. When trading Bitcoins you need to also take precautions, this is another vital area where you should be using a VPN Service. By using one it will encrypt your internet traffic and make it much harder to be hacked and traced.
  2. You will now need to buy the Bitcoins. There are a few options, you can either buy them from exchanges, open markets or privately. If you want to find them privately then you look in classified ads and online classified and meet with people which is risky. Then there is the exchanges, if you live in Europe then it is easier to open an account with by clicking here.  If you live outside Europe then you can open an account with MtGox. In the exchanges you can deposit money directly into your account via wire transfer etc. and buy and sell Bitcoins.
  3. Because of the high volatility in the Bitcoin value it is wise to only purchase your Bitcoins when ready to buy something, this will lower your chance of losing money if the value decreases.
  4. After purchasing some Bitcoins then transfer them to your wallet and then you are all set.
    MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet

If you think that this guide has been helpful then please share it with your friends via the social sharing buttons bellow so people can be properly informed and can be a bit more secure while looking at this site. If you have any more suggestions on steps to be more anonymous or safer then please leave a comment on the home page post by clicking here so I can review and possibly update my guide.

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