Black Market Reloaded URL

Well as many of you already probably have found out, the Black Market Reloaded has changed again. The new Blackmarket
Reloaded URL is: http://r6rcmz6lga4i5vb4.onion

The address of BMR has been changing a fair bit lately so if it stops working then just check back here every few days and i will try my best to re-post when i find out. New accounts are now also subject to validation apparently so for first timers you will need to register and then wait for validation. This is to reduce the amount of bogus/spam accounts being created that is clogging up the system and trying to bring it down. This will benefit everyone on BMR.

Black Market Reloaded Went Down For 2 Days!

Black Market Reloaded was officially taken down on Thursday last week by the site administrator due to a security breach. Blackmarket Reloaded administrator “backopy” announced that the site would close but then later in the day he then announced that it would reopen for business as the security breach was not as bad a first thought and changes could be made to rectify the situation to continue the anonymity of its users.

The security breach occurred last week when a German person who goes by the name of “dosadmin” posted what is believed to be the source code of Blackmarket Reloaded onto a forum where everyone can see it. Dosadmin claims that he did not post the source code to bring BMR down but to highlight the security flaws in the site so that steps can be taken to prevent further breaches and to ultimately protect the information of its users.

When this happened it must have sent a shiver through the spine all of the current users who had bitcoins inn their account as they would have been very worried about losing their money. It would have been even worse for all of those unlucky people who also lost their money when Silk Road was taken down by the US government, luckily for them this was a fixable problem.

This should heed as a warning and reminder to everyone to be more and more vigilant in your attempts to remain anonymous while doing anything to do with illegal online marketplaces as if the source code is compromised at least your identity wont be. You should always use false names, usernames that have nothing to do with you and that you never use for anything else, ¬†always use a VPN to access Black Market Reloaded or even search forums for information and don’t leave bitcoins in you black market reloaded account if they are not being used.

New Black Market Reloaded URL: http://kss62ljxtqiqdfuq.onion/

Please visit my page “Guide” if you would like more information about finding BMR and further steps to take to be anonymous and safe.